"Phang showed that imaginative writing did not necessarily equate to complexity and his idiomatic writing created a kaleidoscopic effect..."

The Straits Times on Phang Kok Jun's Waves

"One of the most prolific local young composers, Phang comfortably melds Chinese, Western and popular idioms to excellent effect"

Chang Tou Liang on Phang Kok Jun's Onwards

Upcoming Events

27 February 2021

China Cultural Center, Singapore

Happy CNY

World premiere of Liang Xiao Jazz Ballade for solo erhu and Chinese chamber ensemble.

12-14 March 2021

Esplanade, Singapore

The Rattle King

Music Composer and co-storywriter. Giant puppet theater production.

18 July 2021


RH Prestige Award 2021

Set piece for Rave Harp Prestige Award 2021 for harp duet.

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Media Music Album: Scenes of China

Evocative pastoral scenesetters with traditional Chinese instrumentation blended with a Western string section.

Composers: Richard Harvey and Kok Jun Phang

West One Music Group, Asia Record Collective

Listen here.