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Theatre Music, The Noisy Forest


Kok Jun is interested in the art of musical storytelling and appreciates the wonders of collaborative creation. Thus, he often works with theatrical mediums, including music theatre, musicals and dance.


This ties in with his work with music education as well. Seeing its importance, Kok Jun has worked with the Esplanade’s Feed Your Imagination Series since 2010, scoring and producing shows that use elements of storytelling and animation to teach children about Chinese instruments and their music. From 2015-18, the show was developed into a musical theatre format while keeping to its educational objectives.


Nü Wa Mends the Heavens

Music for this multiple award winning puppet theatre piece, commissioned by the Shanghai Puppet Theatre. 


The Musical Canvas

Adapted from a theatre production, this is an audio-visual-illustration book for students to learn about different elements of Chinese chamber music. Story and Music by Phang Kok Jun, art by Shelly Liew, co-produced by The Esplanade and Ding Yi Music Company.


Little Woods

A full-length Chinese musical based on twisted fairy tales. Book by Danny Yeo, music by Phang Kok Jun and lyrics by Zhang Lesheng, commissioned by Berries Singapore.


If It's Now

Full length-score for dance production by Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, commissioned by Esplanade as part of the Huayi festival.

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