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Installation: Music for Lights Projection, "Share the Moment", commissioned and written for the Singapore Marina Bay Countdown 2021.


TV: Theme Song, "Tuesday Report - The Dream Catchers", a Mediacorp documentary about accomplished individuals. Commissioned and performed by Singapore Chinese Orchestra. 


Corporate: Theme Song for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, 75th Anniversary celebrations and corporate video.


Concert: Three Places in Singapore, movt. 1, "Telok Ayer" for dizi (Chinese flute) and harp. Commissioned by the PANORPHEUS project in Malta.

Jazz/Fusion: "Erquan In Swing" for two erhu (Chinese fiddle) soloists, jazz rhythm section, and Chinese Orchestra, commissioned by Singapore Chinese Orchestra.


Musical Theatre: "Good Morning How Are You" from Bukit Ho Swee, a children's music and theatre production that educates about Chinese music in a novel way, co-produced by Esplanade and Ding Yi Music Company.

Theatre (Outdoor, Community): The Rubbish Prince, a community action puppet theatre piece, with the music providing the titular character, a giant puppet with it's narrative and voice.

Puppet Theatre: Prologue from Nü Wa Mends The Skies, a puppet theatre production commissioned by Shanghai Puppet Theatre.

PrologueShanghai Puppet Theatre
00:00 / 03:01

Children's Theatre: "等我长大“ (Wait Till I Grow Up) from Child's Play 2019, commissioned by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay Singapore.

等我长大Ric Liu, Ann Lek, Vanessa Phang
00:00 / 02:40
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