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#SCOSoundbites #SCO音乐摘录 – Symphonic Floras《芬芳的交响》

#SCOSoundbites #SCO音乐摘录 – Symphonic Floras《芬芳的交响》

#SCOSoundbites – Symphonic Floras Concert: The Rising Duo Date: 21 October 2021 Composed by Phang Kok Jun “If only flowers and trees could talk - imagine the stories they could tell” - inspired by this thought, the composer decides to tell the floras’ story in his own musical voice. This work was conceptualised through a series of flora-inspired imagery, and the listener may choose to visualise the piece as such. Composed by young Singaporean composer Phang Kok Jun, some key images in the work include: an opening image of a vast, pastoral sight; flowers and leaves dancing in the wind; a sudden and unexpected tropical thunderstorm turning everything into a messy landscape; the resilient floras regrowing back to its former, elegant state. If only flowers and trees could talk - they might tell you how they remain constant in our ever-changing landscape, show you their strength and resilience through the years, and share with you how after every storm and in every spring, they will blossom and bloom again. This music piece was premiered at the SNYCO 15th Anniversary Concert on 21 July 2018. View The Rising Duo house programme here: -- #SCO音乐摘录 - 《芬芳的交响》 音乐会:乐坛双杰 日期:2021年10月21日 冯国峻作曲 “若鲜花与树木也能说话,那就让我们想像它们 所能诉说的故事。” 在这想法的激励下,作曲家决定通过自己的音乐作品诉说植物群的故事。 这首乐曲是通过一系列由植物启发的心里图像进行概念化,而听众可选择由此视化此曲。由新加坡作曲家冯国峻作曲,《芬芳的交响》里所展现的主要图像包括:开场时出现一幅地面广阔的牧区,花朵与枝叶随之在风中共舞, 但一场突如其来的热带雷暴使此地进入画面凌乱的状况,而坚强的花朵重生后,再次恢复高贵与美丽的原貌。 若鲜花与树木也能说话,它们也许会告诉你自己是如何在不断变化的园景中一成不变、展示它们多年来的实力和坚韧,以及与你分享它们每场暴雨后和每个春季时如何百花齐放,百花结果。 此曲在2018年7月21日新加坡国家青年华乐团15 周年音乐会上首演。 点击链接参阅乐坛双杰节目册:
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