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Phang Kok Jun Portrait Standing

A multidisciplinary composer, Phang Kok Jun’s music transcends the concert halls, with a repertoire that also includes theatre, film and other forms of media. 

An award-winning composer internationally, Kok Jun is constantly working with artists of various disciplines to discover new possibilities in music-making.


Based in the culturally vibrant Singapore, Kok Jun is influenced by a wide variety of musical styles, and has been described as a composer who “comfortably melds Chinese, Western and popular idioms to excellent effect”.


He has held several residencies, and has had the privilege of being featured in major productions around the world, working with orchestras, theatre companies, chamber groups, directors, conductors, artists, designers and soloists.

Kok Jun read music composition at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM), National University of Singapore as well as the Peabody Conservatory of Music, both under full scholarship from YSTCM. Principal composition teachers include Singapore cultural medallion recipient Eric Watson, Ho Chee Kong, Oscar Bettison and Pulitzer prize recipient Kevin Puts.

300+ works

A Prolific Composer

Kok Jun has been commissioned over 300 works, and counting.

Many of these commissions are by repeat clients and collaborators, a testament to the quality of his work.


An Internationally Recognised Artist

Kok Jun has won awards both as an individual, as well as part of creative teams. These awards are as diverse as his works, from the first prize at the new Classics Competition at the Moscow Conservatory, being named by the Straits Times as one of Singapore’s 30 under 30, to helping the Singapore Chinese Orchestra break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Chinese Drum Ensemble with 4557 performers.

Musician and More

An Individual of Many Hats

Composer, music director, writer, lyricist, sound designer, producer, theatre practitioner… Kok Jun is a multi-disciplinarian who has a keen interest in many different fields. Recently, he is adding ‘lawyer’ to the list, and is in the midst of earning his Juris Doctor amidst his writing schedule.

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